Saturday, July 18, 2009

Together we can

Every day at dawn, a new story begins. One more woman stands up to the test of time and takes the step towards independence and happiness. Malti's story is one such story that reminds us of the difference that we can make in the lives of the poor. 

"When we were not in the samooh, we were scattered. When we came together, we got to know each other, we became strong because we are united. Recently when there was a fire in village Rudali, some houses were burned down. All the sisters got together and we helped with grain, clothes, other material.
We meet every week, which we all enjoy. At the meeting, the first thing we ask all sisters is what problems they have. If someone has a problem, we give the loan to them first.
We have learnt how to live together, we can now speak publicly. I have stopped doing pardah. We have decided we will not give or take dowry.
In the beginning my husband did not want me to join – he said why roam around here and there. Now he doesn’t say anything. In fact we hold meetings in the house and the men see what we are doing. When the men need money, they ask the group."