Monday, October 31, 2011

Call for Applications!

Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojana
Call for Applications
November 2011

Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojana (RGMVP) is a rights-based organization that works for poverty reduction, women’s empowerment and rural development. With the belief that the poor have a strong desire and innate ability to come out of poverty, RGMVP organizes poor rural women into self-sustaining community institutions in the form of micro-credit linked self-help groups and their federations, creating social platforms to address issues of healthcare, financial inclusion, livelihoods and education, while also linking them to existing state and non-state structures and resources, like the MNREGA and NRHM. Based out of Raebareli, RGMVP has, till date, reached out to over 400,000 poor households in 109 blocks of 34 districts in the most backward regions of Uttar Pradesh.

Having successfully developed a holistic, cost-effective and scalable model for poverty reduction, we are now looking to expand our programme and double our outreach in 2012! We are thus looking for passionate, committed, hard-working and dedicated individuals to join us as we take our work forward and actively participate in the change that RGMVP wishes to bring about!

We are specifically looking for Programme Managers for HR, Finance, MLE, Health, Communications and Scale-up Operations, Regional Programme Managers and a Programme Director to manage the overall programme. All positions will be based out of Raebareli for now. Please find attached a detailed description of the job specifications and responsibilities. 

If you are interested in applying for any of the following positions, please email your CV to, or address it to Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojana, 619, Kanpur Road, Rana Nagar, Raebareli 229001, Uttar Pradesh, along with a short description (not more than 500 words) on why you think you are suited for the job, by 1st January, 2012.

For queries or more about RGMVP, please visit our Website, Facebook and Twitter pages.


Programme Director
Job Responsibilities:
- Providing strategic vision and direction to the programme
- Overseeing project development and focus
- Expansion of programme
- Overlooking overall implementation of programme
Job Specifications/Criteria:
- Minimum 10-15 years of experience (preferably in the area of poverty reduction and/or rural development)
- Comprehensive understanding of development issues
- Demonstrated ability to manage large scale development projects
- Excellent leadership and teaming skills, with ability to think strategically and programmatically
- Excellent negotiating and communication skills, in positions requiring diplomacy in communicating with a
broad and diverse audience
Salary: Negotiable as per qualifications and experience

Human Resource Manager
Job Responsibilities:
- Providing vision and building capacity within the HR function
- Developing talent to maximize effort and contribution; and providing recognition and/or redirection, as
- Provide leadership and sponsorship for core foundation/HR projects on an on-going
- Periodic evaluation of employee growth and development
Job Specifications/Criteria:
- Minimum 10 years of professional experience, with proven mastery of HR competencies at the strategic level
and in large development projects.
- Demonstrated success at influencing, negotiating and collaborating at all levels within an organization.
- Demonstrated strong analytical, interpersonal, written, and oral communication, conflict resolution skills in
situations requiring communication with broad and diverse audiences.
- Good command over Hindi and English language
Salary: Negotiable as per qualifications and experience

Finance Manager
Job Responsibilities:
- Overlooking finances for the organization (including budgeting, accounting and audit)
- Managing international grants for the organization
Job Specifications/Criteria:
- CA/M.Com/Masters/relevant degree in Finance from a reputed institute
- 8-10 years of professional experience in accountancy in any reputed firm, company or social development
- Prior experience of working with an auditor/financial consultant and handling internationally funded projects
Salary: Negotiable as per qualifications and experience

Programme Manager (Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation)
Job Responsibilities:
- Define measurement and research priorities, including developing theories of change/logic models, developing
interim milestones and outcomes, developing learning questions, identifying key stakeholders and how they
might use measurement and identifying research/knowledge-building activities essential for strategy
Job Specifications/Criteria:
- Advanced degree in a field requiring fluency in applied research, performance measurement, statistical
methods and causal inference, or equivalent experience
- 8-10 years of professional experience in performance measurement, evaluation and applied research in large
scale development projects
- Strong analytic skills with the ability to think strategically and programmatically.
- Excellent consultative skills, especially skilled in building strong working relationships between program staff
and measurement/research experts
Salary: Negotiable as per qualifications and experience

Programme Manager (Health)
Job Responsibilities:
- Leading organization’s objective of reducing maternal mortality and infant mortality rates in Uttar Pradesh
- Overseeing health interventions of the organization and providing strategic direction to the same
- Handling grants and partnerships for the health interventions
Job Specifications/Criteria:
- Degree/diploma/specialization in public health or related field
- 8-10 years of professional experience in public health in large scale development projects
- Strong communication, inter personal and negotiating skills
Salary: Negotiable as per qualifications and experience
Programme Manager (Scale-up Operations)
Job Responsibilities:
- Providing strategic vision and direction for expansion of programme
- Fundraising and building partnerships for organization
- Securing and managing grants for the programme
Job Specifications/Criteria:
- Demonstrated ability to secure grants and raise funds
- Strong oral and written communication skills
- Minimum 5 years of professional experience working in large scale development projects
Salary: Negotiable as per qualifications and experience

Programme Officer (Communications)
Job Responsibilities:
- Managing all internal and external communications for the organization
- Responsible for overlooking documentation (case studies, films, photography, presentations, etc.) and
publications (brochures, manuals, case study books, reports, etc.)
- Responsible for managing social media (website, blog, Facebook, Twitter)
Job Specifications/Criteria:
- Minimum 3 years of experience working in this domain
- Excellent oral and written communication skills (both Hindi and English)
- Demonstrated excellent negotiating skills, in positions requiring diplomacy in communicating with a broad and
diverse audience.
- Knowledge and prior experience working with digital media like photography, films and online social media
platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc.)
- Keen interest in advocating human rights through films and social media
- Proficiency with editing software (film and photography) preferable
Salary: Negotiable as per qualifications and experience

Regional Programme Manager
Job Responsibilities:
- Leading and overseeing all work in programme region
- Providing strategic direction for expansion of programme in the region
- Managing, motivating and monitoring field staff
- Overseeing documentation and accounts of the regional office
Job Specifications/Criteria:
- Post graduate degree/diploma in Management or relevant domain from a reputed institute
- Minimum 5 years professional experience working in development sector
- Demonstrated good leadership and management skills
- Knowledge of MS Office
Salary: Negotiable as per qualifications and experience

Monday, October 10, 2011

Unity is Strength

Sandhya was married into a conservative poor family. Bound by restrictions and the four corners of her home, she hardly stepped out of the house after her marriage. When she did, she practised purdah. She never knew what happened outside the village. She never knew what it was to have a bank account or be employed.

Sandhya’s family was going through a bad phase. Her husband was unemployed; they fell short of food at home; her mother in-law was ill. They had to take a loan from a local money lender at 10% interest to sustain the family. Days passed and her husband still couldn’t find a job. Their debt kept increasing. They were hungry and broke and soon lost the will to live.
One day, a woman in their village heard about Sandhya’s problems and told her about Self Help Groups. Sandhya decided to give it a try. The SHG women understood her problems and immediately helped her with food. A month later they helped her again with Rs.1000 which reduced her family’s debt.  Sandhya felt a little secure and confident now.  She decided to borrow Rs. 5,000 and repaid all her loans. Next, she borrowed Rs.7000 and bought a buffalo, which started giving her regular income of Rs.3000.  A few months later, she borrowed Rs.10000 and opened a grocery store in her village.
Looking back at her dark days, Sandhya feels her SHG not only helped her family financially, but also changed her attitude and approach to life. She doesn’t practice purdah anymore. She is a post bearer in her SHG and goes to the bank herself to handle her group’s accounts. She feels empowered, confident and happy. Her husband, who once restricted her freedom, now helps her with her work and listens to her! He’s grateful for the support the SHG gave them and strongly advocates the idea of building unity among rural women through the SHG system!